Mindfresh Membership

Our signature experience. 360 offering includes in-person, 30-minute sessions led by a trained Mindfresh teacher to help your team stretch limits, breathe through barriers + meditate to clarity in the office. Digital content supplements the on-premise experience with on-demand, original Mindfresh content.

Improve body posture, release tight muscles, breathe out stress + enhance your attention, without sweating or changing into gym clothes.

Mindful Movement, Posture Tuning, Breathing Techniques, Guided Visualization + Meditation
> Length of time: On-Premise:  30-minutes // Digital:  5-10 minutes

> Logistics: On-Premise: Conference room with chairs //
Digital: Personal desk, office phone booth

> Suggested frequency: On-Premise:  1x / week // Digital:  As needed!

> Head Count: 5-50



Perfect for off-sites, conferences, or retreats. Mindfresh can provided a much need break in between hours of presentations. Our structure creates a dynamic experience for teams to reconnect with themselves and each other. We combine our signature Mindfresh experience with a guided discussion on integrating powerful, ancient wisdom into every day work for deeper purpose.

Mindful Movement, Posture Tuning, Breathing Techniques, Guided Visualization, Original Content + Group Discussion


> Length of time: 1-hour

> Logistics: varies by space available

> Suggested frequency: when applicable

> Headcount: 20-50


One-on-One Private Sessions

Private meditation (and more) with a certified teacher. These one-on-one sessions are for executive leaders or employees looking for guidance to start or deepen an existing practice. We teach techniques that can be used anywhere, anytime.

Tangible results can be felt after only a few minutes of exclusive attention. Build confidence for large presentations, get grounded for stronger leadership, and create mental space for strategic response vs. knee-jerk reaction.

Mindful Movement, Posture Tuning, Breathing Techniques, Guided Visualization, Meditation, Intention Setting, Email Inspiration from Mindfresh Teacher


> Length of time: 30-minutes long

> Logistics: varies per person, usually in private office

> Suggested frequency: 2x/month

> Headcount: 1

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