Jen Kluczkowski | Co-Founder + CEO

I’m passionate about making our time at work inspiring, engaging + purposeful, because we spend more time here than anywhere else.

With a background in startup media environments + 8 years studying the philosophy of yoga, I leverage my experience in both worlds to make mindfulness accessible in the office. I’ve spoken on the power of mindful work at SXSW + for Columbia University’s MBA program. In addition to co-founding Mindfresh, I’m honored to be an 800-hour certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher + lululemon ambassador.

In my previous life, I launched Pandora Internet Radio’s NY office, where I led advertising sales and helped the company reach it’s IPO in 2011.    

Shir Genish


Background: Management

Shir made her way to Mindfresh after spending time working with various startups, with a focus on operations, branding, and business development. Prior to living in NYC, Shir spent two years working for SoulCycle in Los Angeles, helping open and manage new studios for the company as they expanded the region. She is a 200-Hour Certified Yoga Instructor through Sacred Sounds in New York. Shir has a passion for promoting overall health + wellness, especially in the workplace, where she feels people need it the most.     

Jeremy Falk

Business Development + Teacher

Background: Corporate Yoga Business

As a kid with asthma, Jeremy would run in soccer matches + cross country events with his inhaler tucked in his shorts, ready to stop at nothing to overcome his limitations. His love + compassion toward people led him to acquire a B.A. in Psychology while working as a Crisis Interventionist + Victims Advocate, offering counsel and resources to victims of violent crimes. After graduation he discovered his true path for helping people when he became a NASM certified personal trainer + health advocate.

Inspired on a deeper quest to heal others, Jeremy sought to expand his practice holistically by traveling the world + studying wellness. He lived in ashrams in the Indian Himalayas studying yoga + meditation for months + became an RYT with Yoga Alliance.  Honoring his love affair with San Francisco, Jeremy settled there in 2013.  In 2015, he was named Ambassador at Lululemon Athletica for his impact bringing accessible yoga + meditation into corporate settings.  He excels at allowing the busy professional to feel comfortable relating to their breath and body, and lives with a passion for helping people feel fresh + sharp + mindful.

Grace Yoon


After years of working in the corporate sector, Grace discovered her true passion in wellness + meditation through her practice in Eastern medicine + spiritual faith + running + yoga. Prior to Mindfresh, Grace worked at a Y-Combinator startup, managing operations and supporting business development. She is currently a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a wellness volunteer at Bubbles Foundation, a non-profit that educates inner city kids to make healthier choices for their lives.



Ellie Aaron

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Holistic Health Counselor

Ellie is a passionate Yoga & Meditation teacher, and Certified Holistic Health Coach transforming the lives of hundreds of people in NYC through her classes. She trained with Yogaworks, OM Yoga, and is a graduate of the OM Meditation Program, as well as IDP’s Yearlong Meditation Immersion and Instructor Training Program. Ellie credits yoga and meditation with transforming feelings of anxiety and self doubt to confidence and joy in her body and mind. She helps others to reconnect with the wisdom inherent in their bodies and hearts, so they can embrace life to the fullest. She loves connecting with people, and hosts her own podcast called “The Ellie Aaron Hour”.  

Alex Brzenk

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Equity Research Generalist | BlackRock

Alex is a yoga teacher and integrative yoga therapist with over 500 hours of training, primarily in the Yoga Shanti lineage under Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee. She teaches public classes and private sessions in NYC that integrate her training in yoga, restoratives, meditation, aromatherapy, and Reiki. She is also currently in clinical rotations at a rehab and senior care facility on behalf of the Urban Zen Foundation. In her previous career, she worked as an equity research generalist for a public equity fund at Ziff Brothers Investments and also at BlackRock. Alex believes that a consistent yoga and meditation practice can help New Yorkers feel more balanced as they move through their busy lives and is grateful for the opportunity to share what she has learned with others.

Dana Campbell

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Performance Manager | Accenture

Dana is a professional coach, certified yoga instructor and organizational change leader. She started her career in management consulting, helping Fortune 500 companies and international organizations drive transformational change initiatives. In 2010, Dana completed her first yoga teacher training at YogaWorks which inspired her to alter her career path to support professionals through the process of change. She since has completed 500 hour, Restorative and Therapeutic certifications. Dana believes the deeply healing benefits of a yoga practice are the perfect antidote to demanding clients, competing deadlines, and long hours in front of a computer screen. More on Dana and her work here.

Kim Carpenter

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Manager of Human Resources | ?What If!

Kim’s career journey has taken her through work in the arts (The Tony Awards, Actors Theatre of Louisville), finance (Optima Fund Management) and most recently the world of innovation, where she has been working with ?What If! Innovation Partners for the last five years. Through the ebb and flow of the professional world, she has found yoga to be an incredible tool for bringing out the best, most joyful, authentic self.

Kim is 500-hour+ registered yoga teacher and expresses deep gratitude to her mentors at ISHTA Yoga. She is thrilled to share a practice that helps people tap into their unbound potential in life.

Danielle Del Veccio

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Legal Recruiting & Marketing Manager | Skadden

Danielle’s experience in the walls of corporate America hails from countless hours behind the scenes (and computers) as a Legal Recruiter, and later Marketing Assistant, at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP. Companies such as Sirius XM, Sullivan and Cromwell, LLP, and The Creative Group also contribute to both her resume and understanding of the body/mind relationship in the work environment. Danielle has always used yoga as a way to add balance and clarity in her normally hectic life. Now, as a yoga instructor herself, she strives to promote awareness, compassion and overall good vibes for her students, and all those around her. She has her 200 hour certification, and continues to explore all forms of yoga, breath work, and how to live a little bit better one day at a time.

Christopher Golden

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Photographer

Christopher is a full time yoga teacher and freelance photographer. He was introduced to yoga at an early age, and dabbled with irregularity throughout high school. It was in the spring of 2009, following his first year at CalArts, that he found himself on the mat at Yoga Shanti in Sag Harbor, NY. Throughout that summer, Christopher began to absorb the empowering effects that come into focus when consistency is applied to the practice. Once he received his BFA in Photography & Media and returned back East he participated in Yoga Shanti’s 2013/14 teacher training. He has since mentored in Yoga Shanti NYC’s inaugural 200hr teacher training 2014/15, as well as participated in the 100hr 2015 advanced module in Sag Harbor.

Christopher continues to  mentor in Yoga Shanti’s 200hr teacher trainings, and teaches across the boroughs of New York City.  

Katie Hartke

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Co-Founder | Esperance Theater Company

Katie is an actor, yoga instructor, teaching artist, coach, and the marketing director for a theater company which she co-founded in NYC. She wears many hats, and recognizes the stress that amount of multitasking can create in the system, both physically and mentally. She finds yoga and meditation to be grounding and inspiring practices that help to keep her balanced and focused amidst the hustle and bustle of deadlines and heavy workloads.

Katie received her 200 hour certification from Sonic Yoga, and her prenatal yoga certification from the Prenatal Yoga Center NYC. She has taught in studios as well as private and corporate settings, including Skadden, IAC, Eltman, Eltman & Cooper, JP Morgan and CUNY Graduate Center. Her main goal in teaching is to create a calm, safe and inclusive environment where everyone, irregardless of experience, can participate and enjoy the benefits that a regular mindfulness practice can cultivate. 

Lauren Krauze

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Digital Marketing & Advertising Sales | Facebook

Lauren worked in digital marketing and advertising for nearly 10 years and was most recently employed at Facebook. Over the course of her career, she has guided some of the world’s largest brands — AT&T, Unilever, Diageo — to market their products on fast, ever-evolving digital platforms. She is an 800-hour certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, a writer, and someone who has experienced, firsthand, how the practices of yoga helps us find equanimity and balance in every situation. Lauren feels grateful to have the opportunity to help people in the corporate world embrace yoga, as well as mindfulness and meditation, as key tools for both their personal and career development. More on Lauren and her work here.

Hannah Overlock

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Dance and Athletics

Coming from a life-long background of athletics and dance, Hannah has always felt most comfortable and alive when connecting and working with the body. She is a 500-hour certified Yoga Instructor and much of her study has been and is still with Rodney and Colleen Yee of Yoga Shanti. She is constantly training, learning and evolving as a teacher. Hannah believes that yoga and wellness are for everyone and emphasizes the notion of “any amount”. Her work is based on the principle that the body has its own intelligence, and is ready to share if we only listen and open ourselves up to working from an intuitive place. She designs sequences that are fun and energizing, working to create a yogic environment that is appropriate, healing and realistic for her students.

Hannah sequences all levels of practice emphasizing proper alignment, creating a strong foundation and a commitment to exploring the body, safely realizing our full physical potential. 

Kate Pastorek

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Publishing

Kate is a holistic wellness counselor and a 200-hour certified yoga teacher. She is currently pursuing a degree in nursing, with an interest in family medicine and women’s health. Previously, Kate worked in publishing and photography at Vanity Fair magazine and the Aperture Foundation. Kate is deeply passionate about the therapeutic benefits of yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and acupressure, and she is excited to study their possible applications in complementary preventative care and health maintenance. She teaches privately in New York City, helping her clients to achieve improved flexibility, strength, relaxation, and overall wellbeing.  

Vanessa Smith

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Production Manager | Deep Focus

Vanessa gravitated toward yoga and meditation after realizing the effects 9 years of NYC’s work/life unbalance can have on one’s mind and body. As a Creative Producer and former Marketing Manager who has worked for global powerhouses like Coca-Cola, Unilever and P&G she knew she needed to find a way to increase focus, decrease stress, and achieve an overall sense of balance between work and life (especially since she still works 60 hours a week in the Advertising industry!).

A journey she started to help herself became a path to help others.

She is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher, holds a Level 1 certificate in Reiki and Urban Zen Integrated Therapy, as well as multiple trainings in meditation and mindfulness techniques. She helps spread the tools for stress reduction, clarity, and inner peace to anyone willing to stop and take a deep breath.

Natalie Wooler

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Humanitarian Aid

Natalie is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher. With a background in humanitarian aid and a degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, Natalie was introduced to Jivamukti Yoga after a friend brought her to her first Jivamukti class in 2010, shortly after returning from Iraq. In her previous career, Natalie worked in communications and global engagement for Mercy Corps. The practices of yoga and mindfulness resonate with Natalie as a way to remain present with ourselves and connected to the world around us. 


Ranya Anabtawi

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Non-Profit Sector and Event Planning

Ranya worked in the non-profit sector and as the executive assistant at George P. Johnson event planning company for the last ten years, and recently began her full time yoga teaching business last year. She has been teaching since 2006. While working at The City of Palo Alto, her community center coworkers would do lunchtime classes, and while working for the utility company, she taught the linemen of the department. At GPJ she would be involved in large events such as Dreamforce, Oracle OpenWorld, and Cisco Live. She is grateful for the opportunities yoga has given here including teaching clients one on one with special injuries, in group corporate and studio settings, and has also taught mindfulness to students at Palo Alto High School. She continues her 500 hour advanced teacher training in Yoga Therapeutics. To find out more about what she does, click here

Shirley Johnson

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Corporate Finance & Real Estate Development

Shirley is a native New Yorker, bringing inspiration, holistic wellness, and yoga to modern yogis and yoginis in the Bay Area. A graduate of Brown University, Shirley went to work in corporate finance and real estate development after college. She found yoga the most effective way to deal with her stress and eventually decided to create a life around it. In 2009, Shirley completed her first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India, and has since studied with a number of yoga and meditation teachers and various lineages including Kripalu, Kundalini, and Prana Flow Vinyasa and is also certified as a prenatal yoga teacher. Having a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Shirley is also a Marriage Family Therapist Intern and feels passionate about using the breath, mindfulness and movement to help create healthy communities.

Chelsea Kirby

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Musician

Chelsea is passionate about music, movement, health, nutrition, and living simply. She views sound and movement as sacred expressions of a universal language; a language that connects, empowers, and unifies people from all backgrounds. Chelsea is a musician, aerial arts enthusiast, a fervent yogi, and a personal trainer who has been coaching others on their journey of health for over ten years. 

Michelle Nayeli

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Ayurvedic Wellness

Michelle Nayeli Bouvier is a Prana Vinyasa™ E-RYT 500 yoga instructor, Hoopdance pioneer, Advanced Certified AcroYoga teacher, Thai Yoga Therapist, and dancer devoted to the art and science of embodiment. Since 2002, Michelle Nayeli has taught full time at studios, conferences, festivals and retreats. She is on the Teacher Training faculty of Āvāhana School of Yoga & Expressive Healling Arts, Balanced Action Yoga School, Hoop VinyasaTM, & (soon!) Samudra School of Living YogaTM. She is the creator and producer of EmBody Retreats, immersive training retreats that expand the definition of yoga and seek to empower practitioners to tune in to their innate intelligence, the root yogic teaching of Sahaja. Always a student of embodiment, Michelle is currently studying to become an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, and continues her somatic education in the paradigm-shifting work of the Axis Syllabus Research Community, which is a huge influence in her teaching of safe, efficient, and sustainable biomechanics for all movement, from yoga to daily life. Michelle maintains a private practice in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, specializing in customized, prescriptive yoga with a focus on supporting healthy, functional movement patterns, adaptability within the body-mind, and encouraging living in rhythm based in Ayurvedic principles. 

Jenna Pacelli

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Integral Counseling Psychology

Jenna is a Dharma yoga instructor, holistic health coach, essential oil educator and healer and has studied with masters throughout the US, India, and Nepal since 2009. A featured Yoga Journal instructor and presenter/ambassador for Wanderlust yoga festivals, Jenna shares her teachings both internationally and throughout the United States. Through the grace of her teachers, she am able to bring the ancient science of yoga to those seeking truth in the modern world. She have been trained at the 500 and 800-hour levels, the highest level of certification available through her teacher, internationally acclaimed Sri Dharma Mittra, one of the last living yoga masters in the West. In 2016, she was accepted and initiated into the lineage of her teacher as Aditi Devi Om. She is working towards a Masters in Integral Counseling Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies and has a BA in Anthropology from UCLA.

Vanessa “VaZa” Racinet

Mindfresh Teacher

Background: Occupational Therapy

VaZa’s journey towards yoga began about 10 years ago when she was working as an Occupational Therapist in psychiatry. Though things were going well, she was ready for a change and decided to sign up for a yoga teacher training in San Francisco. By practicing yoga and breathing with intention, her whole life started to change, and the magic began. Through yoga she began to feel more connected, alive, and happy. In her classes, she gives her students a chance to reflect, listen to their breath, pay attention to their thoughts and get in touch with their body, so they can turn inward + find their focus. She has a 200 hour certification in Ashtanga Yoga + a 200 hour certification in Yoga Therapy.    

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