We design mindful workstyles because it brings deeper purpose to our day. Like our lifestyles, each person’s workstyle is unique. Here are a few insights from conscious business leaders on how they integrate presence into a very busy life. We hope it inspires!

Meet Courtney Boyd Myers, a.k.a. CBM, curator @ Summit + creator of delicious smoothies @HustleandKale.

Name: Courtney Boyd Myers
City: Eden, Utah
Company: Summit Series
Title: Curator

Do you have a morning ritual?
Yes! I wake up naturally (sans alarm), think of gratitude, hit the bathroom, tongue scrape, oil pull, dry brush my body, oil my body, brush my teeth, drink water, and meditate for 20 minutes before jumping into the day.

When do you first look at your phone?
Unfortunately being in a long distance relationship means that I’m prone to checking it first thing in the morning but when I’m being good, I wait until after meditation.

You just got to the office + sat down at your desk. What’s the first thing you do?
Check Slack!

What are you most excited about right now?

When you’re making a tough decision, what’s your process to finding a solution?
Quiet time for self-reflection, meditation, and writing.

What’s the last thing you had for lunch? Where was it from?
Chef Haru prepared a delicious miso cod with mushrooms and microgreens.

Tell us about your “happy place”.
In bed, candles lit, and rain falling outside the window. Preferably with a sexy French man.

What does a mindful “workstyle” mean to you?
To me, it’s all about intention and present mindedness. Are you on a call? Listen to that person. Are you writing an email? Think about what you’re writing. Also it’s important to give yourself the set up and space to think creatively so invest in a desk, a study, or hit the library for an afternoon.