About Mindfresh

  • Mindfresh is a 360 degree platform that brings the mindfulness movement into companies. We’re here to help staff improve body language, enhance emotional IQ, and increase attention spans.  We’re also here to help bring deeper purpose into the work environment.
  • Our on-site, 30-minute sessions combine mindful movement, breathing exercises, + meditation.  It allows for employees to take a constructive break rather than a destructive one (more coffee, snacks or social media trolling).  The result is renewed energy and increased focused.
  • Clients have access to the Mindfresh Digital Content platform, consisting of mini-Mindfresh sessions (3-5 minute videos) that can be consumed individually at your desk, as needed.
  • In addition, we also have an offering of curated “mindful workstyle” products available for clients to assist in keeping their talent engaged + feeling appreciated in the office.
On-site Mindfresh sessions are currently available in New York City + San Francisco.
TBD. Want to get notified when we are in new places?  Sign up here.
We recommend starting by booking your first session here. After you get your first taste, you can sign up for a membership through our private client portal.
Mindfresh memberships include weekly, on-site sessions at your office. Also, your entire office will get access to our digital content platform (Mindfresh on demand!).
We can accommodate as many people as your space will allow, as long as each participant has a chair.
Mostly likely, yes! A quiet, secluded area of the office is ideal (most of our sessions take place in conference rooms), but we’ve worked with anything from company cafes, entire open offices, or lounge areas.
Upon signing up for membership, you will work with one of team members to determine the best day of the week + time for your office, and we’ll have a standing, weekly date on the calendar. Need to reschedule, or want to change up the timing? Not a problem. We’re always happy to work around your schedule.


Yes! If you have an upcoming company offsite or all-day conference, a Mindfresh workshop is a great way to get people re-energized + refocused. Participants will experience a Mindfresh session, engage in a guided conversation about mindfulness in the workspace, + leave the workshop with Mindfresh takeaway tips + tricks.
Absolutely. If you want to buy Mindfresh for another company, please email info@mindfresh.co. Already a Mindfresh member? You can gift up to one of your sessions per month to a client.