Work with: Vanessa Racinet

Meet Vanessa Racinet, a San Francisco based Mindfresh teacher with a background in Occupational Therapy.
Name: Vanessa “VaZa” Racinet
City: San Francisco

Do you have a morning ritual?:
Counting the things that I’m grateful for while brushing my teeth.

When do you first look at your phone?:
After I get out of the bathroom.

What are you most excited about right now?:
About my yoga retreat in Bodrum (Turkey) that I will be leading.

What’s the last thing you had for lunch? Where was it from?:
Quinoa salad with carrots, tomatoes, pine nuts and baked tofu (made it myself).

Why do you teach Mindfresh?:
I love the concept of Mindfresh and the way people in the office look after a session (all zen’d out).

When you need quick inspiration, where do you look?:
Watching my daughter playing.

What is your go-to exercise for staying mindful and grounded throughout your day?:
Planks and taking deep breaths.

Tell us about your “happy place”.:
My happy place is feeling connected to myself. I get connected through yoga, meditation, and being in nature.